Friday, 20 May 2016

Hip Replacement Specialist in Chennai

A total hip replacement surgery is done often when a person have chronic and inflammatory hip. Here in this surgery, a damaged hip is replaced by artificial materials. This method is suggested by an orthopedic doctor when the other conservative method fails to treat the painful condition.

How Hip Replacement Surgery is Performed ?

As a primary step, general anesthesia is provided to the patient, because of this anesthesia the patient doesn't experience any pain during the operation. In the posterior or anterior or lateral part, an incision is created. Through this incision the damaged bone is removed & replaced with a prosthesis. Different types of prosthesis are used for this. They are :

  • Metal-on-metal
  • Metal-on-plastic
  • Ceramic-on-ceramic

Duration of the surgery is 1-2 hours. Casts or braces are used for supporting the hip..

Post Surgery Care:

After surgery, the patient is allowed to stay in the hospital for any indications of uneasiness for 2-3 days. For reducing pain & to prevent blood clots at the site of surgery, medications are provided. Soft and liquefied food are recommended for the intake. With in the completion of one week, the patient will be able to do light movements.

After this on considering the speed of recovery a rehabilitation program is planed by doctor. Here a physical therapist will guides with exercises to regain the flexibility and mobility of your hip.

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