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Sports injury clinic Chennai, Sports injury treatments India

Sports Injury Treatment in Chennai

Sports Injuries are injuries that occur in exercising or athletic activities which can result from the overuse of muscles and ligaments, over stretching, accidents, inadequate equipment, poor training technique in practice and not warming up. Sports and exercise medicine (SEM) or sports medicine is a branch of medicine which deals with the physical fitness of a sports person. This includes prevention and treatment of injuries related to exercise and sports.


Shin splints, anterior cruciate ligament tears, muscle cramps, fracture, dislocation, muscle strains, ankle sprain, concussion, anterior cruciate ligament sprains and soft tissue injury are the common sports injuries.

Symptoms of Sports Injuries :
  • Loss of function
  • Muscle cramps
  • Local inflammation
  • Muscle lock due to sudden involuntary muscluar contraction
  • Inability to move the part
  • Intense and sudden pain in area of the body

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Prevention method :
  • Have regular medical check-ups
  • Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after the game
  • Cool down after sport with gentle, sustained stretches
  • Cross-train with other sports to ensure overall fitness and muscle strength
  • Allow adequate recovery time between sessions
  • Wear appropriate footwear
  • Use appropriate safety equipments such as mouth guards, pads and helmets
  • Strap vulnerable joints

Treatment for all kind of sports injuries depends on part of the body affected and its severity. Physiotherapy, pain relief, immobilization, surgery and procedures, corticosteroid injections and price therapy are some Sports Injury Treatments.

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