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Elbow pain treatment Chennai, Best elbow pain clinic India

Elbow Pain Treatment

What is an Elbow pain?

The elbow is a hinge joint where three long bones join in the middle portion of the arm. The upper arm bone (humerus) meets the forearm inner bone (ulna) and the forearm outer bone (radius). The Forearm can do rotations with the help of radius and ulna. Elbow plays a vital role in moving the arms forward and backward as well as twisting and rotating.

Epicondyle is the outer bone of elbow and it is also a part of the humerus bone. Tendinitis or tennis elbow is caused due to the injuries in tendons of the epicondyle. Bursa is a fluid filled sac which reduces bones friction which overlies on the elbow tip.

The elbow functions to move the arm like a hinge (forward and backward) and in rotation (twisting outward and inward). The biceps muscle is the major muscle that flexes the elbow hinge. The triceps muscle is the major muscle that extends the elbow hinge. The outer bone of the elbow is referred to as the lateral epicondyle and is a part of the humerus bone. Tendons are attached to this area and can be injured, causing inflammation or tendinitis (lateral epicondylitis, or "tennis elbow").

Generally, all pains are unbearable especially Elbow pain, which is an irritating and does not allow us to do regular works. MAHI Joint Replacement and Orthopedic Clinic, is a famous clinic for Treatment of Elbow Pain in Chennai. Dr. Vijaykumar heads the entire team. He is a consultant surgeon in Fortis Malar Hospital for joint replacement and arthroscopy treatments. The established MAHI clinic in Kilpauk and Sowcarpet serve the patients with consultation by our experienced physician.

There are huge reasons for Elbow pain, where the pain in ailments such as elbow dislocation, Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, ulnar nerve compression, elbow replacement, repairing collateral ligament, and arthritis are intolerable.

Our experienced physician and his crew cure all orthopedic ailments. Basically, the treatment starts with steroidal injections, pain killers along with physiotherapy. Depends on the pain severity, surgical arthroscopic procedures are done. Our clinic’s amicable environment, attention paying staffs, cautious diagnosis of our medicos elevated us to offer the best Treatments for Elbow Pain, Chennai

Prevention is better than cure. If you suffer from any orthopedic problems, just visit us for consultation and treatment. This is the destination for your pain-free life

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