Tuesday, 2 January 2018

What can you expect after Joint Replacement Surgery ?

Joint pains often occur in the younger generation as well due to trauma from accidents or due to some diseases such as arthritis. Living with the pain and discomfort can be tough, especially when it interferes with the mobility and everyday life activities.

Joint replacement surgery is done when other methods of treatment for curing joint pain and restoring full mobility does not find success. The procedure involves replacing the affected joints with an artificial prosthesis designed to mimic the functions and capabilities of the natural joint.
The procedure of joint replacement is usually performed to correct irregularities on joints like knees, shoulder, hips, ankles, elbows, and fingers. Joint replacement surgery helps in removing the pain and restoring your lost flexible motion with help of artificial joint.

Joint replacement surgery is usually performed in the following cases: -
  • Joint disorders caused due to arthritis
  • Persistent pain, stiffness and inflammation in joint
  • Wear and tear on joints
  • Injuries to joints caused due to fall or accidents
Disorders or diseases in joints can limit the blood flow into them, which prevents them from repairing the cells naturally, worsening the issue.

The procedure of joint replacement involves the replacement of the damaged joints by artificial prosthesis made of materials such as plastic or inert metals. These are non-reactive and hence do not cause infections. The prosthesis is either cemented or uncemented depending on the age of the patient.
In case of younger people, the joints are left uncemented to enable the bones to grow into it, fixing it in place while in the older generation, they are cemented in place. With the development in technology, joint replacements have been simplified with minimally invasive procedures of arthroscopy.
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