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Shoulder joint surgery in Chennai , Shoulder pain specialists India

Check Out The Reason for Your Shoulder Pain

A Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery is a method of treatment suggested as a measure to resolve acute shoulder arthritis. Shoulder arthritis is a medical condition wherein the cartilage of the ball in the joint is damaged by an inflammation, degeneration or an injury. A difficulty in moving the arm or the neck or a consistent pain in attempting to do so are symptoms of shoulder arthritis.

The popular causes of a shoulder arthritis are injuries, degeneration or inflammations. An injury to the original state of the shoulder can result in the cartilaginous tissue being damaged and thereby cause irresistible pain in the shoulders. Degeneration of the shoulder joint due to old age can also play a causative role in shoulder arthritis. Inflammations as a result of infections or scratches or dislocation can also pave way for a shoulder arthritis.

Just as for any other form of arthritis, a shoulder arthritis is diagnosed by an X-ray, an MRI, a CT scan or an EMG test. Very rarely methods of surgical examination are also employed to adjudge the degree of deterioration of the cartilaginous tissue.
Procedure of Surgery
Usually, a surgery is recommended only when the conservative methods such as physical therapy, medication, cortisone injections and shoulder arthroscopy have all failed to relieve the patient of the severe pain. Total shoulder replacement surgery is an open surgery procedure and requires an incision through the front of the shoulder and arms. The replacements are placed after removing the original shoulder parts so as to ensure that the surgical process results in replacing the original shoulder with an exactly similar implant so as to make the patient feel comfortable and relieve him of his pain.
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