Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How to Prevent and Treat the Common Sports Injuries ?

Sports is one field where you pick up a lot of injuries. Also, it is one field which requires being faster restoration to original fitness level or even more. Sports medicine or ‘Sports and Exercise Medicine’ (SEM) is the branch of medical science that deals with such injuries and devises methods to prevent such injuries.


Usually, people who are indulged in sports or games would have to consult a SEM specialist often, either to prevent injuries or to treat injuries. Also, people who indulge in strenuous physical activities or exercise vigorously may need doctors of this specialization. People who work in jobs where they have to lift heavy loads or have to exert themselves more than usual might also be in need of SEM specialists.
Diagnosis of sports medicine usually uses the state of the art technology to make the process of identification of the problem and hence the rehabilitation quicker. Often modern scanning techniques are put to use like X-rays, CT, DEXA, MRI and Electrodiagnostic evolution. 
Various sports injuries like Concussions, muscular cramps, and pains, shin splints, soft tissue tear, etc. are treated in different ways. The treatment includes injury identification and rehabilitation as well. The treatment greatly depends on the severity and the location of the injury. For relieving pain, painkillers are used. Corticosteroid injections and surgeries are used when the need arises. To treat immobilization problems, slings and splints can be used. Physiotherapy is another method commonly used in SEM mostly to treat long standing injuries, range of motion, the strength of the muscles and thereby return the normal functionality of the injured area. Rehabilitation is another aspect which is crucial to the person returning to normalcy very soon.

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