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Knee Arthroscopy in Chennai

Knee arthroscopy treatments are used to diagnose and treat certain knee joint problems. The knee arthroscopy is proving to be one of the best treatments of knee joint available globally. The treatment is minimally invasive and done with the help of a key hole incision made at the knee joint, through a tiny camera known as arthroscope and some other surgical instruments.
Conditions that demand knee arthroscopy:
Knee arthroscopy in Chennai is conducted for the following: -
  • To remove or repair torn meniscus
  • Damaged or torn collateral ligament
  • Damaged or torn ACL or PCL
  • Damaged or swollen synovium in joint
  • Removing Baker’s Cyst
  • Misaligned patella management
  • Repairing defective cartilage
  • Knee bone fracture correction
  • Fixing broken cartilage in knee joint.

Knee Arthroscopy Procedure

The process of knee arthroscopy involves a few small incisions made around the knee area. An arthroscope or small camera is inserted through one of these incisions to help the surgeon see the inside of the joint area. The joint area is inflated with the help of saline and a cuff like device is put around the thigh to avoid bleeding. After the surgery is finished, the saline is flushed out and the wound sutured and dressed.

Knee arthroscopy in Chennai has a several advantages. This technique offer advance and accurate diagnosis as well as treatment. They are a limited risk procedure and need very less time of recovery. The postoperative swelling and risks are limited in knee arthroscopy. They do not destroy the soft tissues in joints as conventional surgery procedures.

Headed by Dr.Vijay Kumar Sohanlal, Mahi Joint Replacement and Orthopaedic Clinic based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India offers quality outpatient treatment in joint replacement and knee arthroscopy. The patient friendly environment, state of the art infrastructure, an accurate diagnosis and a patient centred treatment methodology makes it one the best orthopaedic centres in the country. The clinic provides advanced treatment at highly affordable cost.

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