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Sports Medicine – Ensuring Fitness in Sports Career

Sports is one of the main fields that demand perfect physical fitness. Sports medicine is a special branch of medicine that solely deals with the physical fitness of sports persons. Also called Sports and Exercise Medicine or SEM, it deals with prevention and treatment of injuries that occur in sports and exercise as well.
With a career in sports, injuries cannot be avoided altogether. The rate of physical activity the field demands, makes us susceptible to injuries. Hence a proper study of injuries and their cures along with the right path to be followed for physical fitness that ensures maximum efficiency is a necessity in sports.

Scope of sports medicine
Sports medicine mainly deals with the musculo-skeletal study of human body as they are more prone to injuries. While the main scope of treatment for SEM specialists include ligament, muscle, tendon and bone injuries, they also treat illnesses like breathing issues or asthma, diabetes and the sort, present in sports persons, that threaten to hinder their playing efficiency.
Sports medicine treatment procedures
The treatment procedures involved in sports medicine is based on the body part affected and the intensity of the injury. The common treatment procedures that are applied in the branch of medicine are as follows.
  • Physiotherapy – physiotherapy in sports involve various techniques of muscle manipulation, to treat long term injuries, strengthening the muscles and increasing the range of motion.
  • Medications - medication to reduce swelling and pain at the site of injury
  • Immobilisation – stabilising the injured parts by using splints, casts and sso on which helps in preventing further pain, spasms or swelling.
  • Corticosteroid injection – administered in case of severe pain and swelling.
  • Surgery procedures – in cases where conservative treatments fail, surgical procedures are needed to treat the injury. With advancement in technology they can be done with minimally invasive techniques that require minimum recovery time.
Benefits of Sports medicine
A field solely related to study and treatment of sport related injuries and physical fitness, they increase the capability of our sport persons. They help in treatment of muscle cramps, concussions, sprains, fractures, soft tissue injury, dislocation, ACL tears and so on.
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