Thursday, 11 October 2018

Arthroscopy vs Arthroplasty for Knees

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. In the minimally invasive procedure,  small incisions ( Keyhole) are made to treat an area without opening up the area fully.
Arthroscopy is the procedure in which treatment of the damaged part of the joint is performed by using an arthroscope. It is a small camera inserted into the joint area to have a better view of the damaged part during the surgery. The surgeon can view the damaged area through a video monitor or Television. Another incision is made, through which small instruments are inserted into the joint to remove damaged tissues and repair the damaged area.
In Arthroplasty the damaged surfaced of the bone is removed and replaced with a prosthesis. The main purpose of this surgery is to eliminate the pain by replacing the joint to make it work efficiently again. The prosthesis is a long-lasting material that helps the knee to function properly in the long run.

Benefits of arthroscopy -

1. Smaller incisions are made compared arthroplasty.
2. A less expensive surgery
3. Lesser surgery time than Arthroplasty.

Demerits of arthroscopy

1. Not a permanent cure for severe arthritis of the knee joint.
Benefits of Arthroplasty-

1. It’s a permanent treatment for severe arthritis of the knee joint
2. It has a higher success rate because it correct limb alignment and knee is balanced and artificial implants are used which ensures long-lasting.

Demerits of Arthroplasty

1. Longer rehabilitation required.

Where should you get your knee operated?
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